Seventh annual Fete La Point Gala is approaching.

Date: Friday, March 31; 6:30 p.m.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Pascagoula

Tickets: Available at Chamber of Commerce on Krebs Ave in Pascagoula   $60

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This photo above from Chris Wiggins is very intriguing, and no one in the historical society can identify it. It appears to be a beach scene at Pascagoula about the time 1817-1850, definitely pre-Civil War (1861). The clothing fits the time of the Bicentennial period. Folks weren't very fancy down here back them. It appears to be a lithograph (early engraving). Chris cropped out the title which says, believe it or not, "Fashionables Bathing at Pascagoula.

Fete La Pointe Krebs House Museum (below) is open.

The La Pointe-Krebs House Museum expresses the French Colonial history of Pascagoula and Jackson County. In the spirit of the period are re-enactors Pete Floyd and Therese Demetropoulos who are admiring one of the museum’s pieces, a replica of the Krebs Cotton Gin constructed by Joe Krebs, a descendant of the inventor. The museum is supported by funds raised at the annual Fête La Pointe galas. (Photo-Joanne Anderson for The Mississippi Press)

Their website is: http://lapointekrebs.org/museum/


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